Cetaphil Daylong Kids

It’s a very warm and dry summer here in most parts of South Africa. Many South Africans are going away to the coast for a holiday over the festive season.

Today I would like to tell you about a sunblock for kids recommended by my Dermatologist. My children have a very fair skin colour, platinum blonde hair and blue eyes, and therefore very sensitive skin.  Most sunblock brands that I’ve tried gave them eczema, irritated their skin, made them feel sticky or greasy, and resulted in them being very opposed to applying their sunblock.

The sunblock I’d like to tell you about is DAYLONG – Kids from Cetaphil.  It works so well on them  and I absolutely love it!  Daylong Kids sunblock is SPF 50+ and a liposomal formulation for very high UV protection formulated for kids’ delicate skin. Phostostable UV filters offer highly effective UVA and UVB protection. The sunblock is sold with a very convenient pump dispenser which provides the recommended dosage amount of product for optimal sun protection coverage. Cetaphil Daylong Kids is also very water-resistant, non-greasy and won’t block pores.

Children and the Sun – the importance of sunblock

A child’s skin is very sensitive to the sun and as a result must be protected particularly well.  Sunblock should be applied even when spending time in the shade. The systematic use of sunscreen, as well as the prevention of sunburns are both of importance when caring for children and is the parents responsibility. Take care not to expose babies and small children to direct sunlight. It is recommended to use the following protection for children: a hat, shirt, pants and a high sun protection factor.

Lets take good care in protecting ourselves and our kids from the harmful rays of the Sun. Give Cetaphil Daylong Kids a try – I’ll bet you and your children will love it as well.

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