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Elma Steyl LobI recently made the personal discovery that I am ‘boring’ when it came to styling my hair. I will either make a ponytail or wear my hair loose.  Braids and buns rarely featured and if they did it left me feel uncomfortable.

I reasoned that by cutting my hair I will be wearing my hair down more often and it might make styling my hair a little bit easier. I considered the lob but decided on medium length hair just to play it safe. I can always go shorter…

I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t influenced by the latest celebrity hairstyle trend when I decided to cut my hair. I spend a lot of time Pinterest browsing and pinning, looking at medium hairstyles before I made my final decision.

I couldn’t be happier with my new look. My hair feels lighter and healthier which makes me feel refreshed!

A big thanks to Odette from Paradigm hair. For appointments and information about the salon, check out their Facebook page here.