Double Denim

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Should you or shouldn’t you double up on denim?

Once considered a fashion faux pas, the art of doubling on denim has not only been embraced but encouraged. Many celebrities are wearing double denim outfits. Gigi Hadid, for example, does this combo on a daily basis. If you’re not quite convinced or are in need of some serious style inspiration, have a look at these stylish celebrities rocking the look.

Double Denim


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The double denim look is versatile and great for layering which makes transitioning between seasons simple. Wearing double denim the right way is all about proportions. It is important to keep the look current by considering fashion, trends, and style

Wearing denim all-over does take practice. The basic rule of thumb for me when wearing denim on denim is making sure that the washes and colours are completely different from each other. This means pairing a light washed blue denim jacket or shirt with dark blue, black or grey jeans

Have a look in your closet – you might have lots of denim pieces you can experiment with or shop this post with denim items in store now.

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