Easy to care for Houseplants

Create a friendly and comfortable interior space in this dreary season by bringing the outside, in. There’s no better way to brighten up a dull area than by adding some greenery to it. Houseplants are an effective way of creating a lively space while adding some colour and texture.

There is something cheering and welcoming about a vibrant green-leafed plant that makes a space feel more like home. Read up on houseplants and choose plants that will do well in the light conditions of your room.

Here are a few examples of plants I have in my house:

easy to care for houseplantsALOE

I am keeping this aloe vera plant alive for more than 6 months now. It is very easy to care for. Aloes require lots of light and very little water. I take the aloe out of the glass vase once a week and let it stand in a bowl of water for an hour.


easy to care for houseplantsSTRING OF PEARLS

If you are looking for a succulent to grow indoors, opt for the string of pearls (Senecio rowleyanus) plant. This interesting houseplant can provide a unique focal point in your home. The string of pearls plant grows well in bright light. This plant is drought tolerant, surviving long periods without water. Let the soil dry out before watering in order to prevent root rotting. During the winter months, cut watering to once a month.

** This plant is considered to be toxic. It is recommended that care is taken when growing this plant in homes with pets or small children.

easy to care for houseplantsZAMIOCULCAS ZAMIIFOLIA

The perfect plant for the ultimate brown thumb! This houseplant can take months and months of neglect and low light and still look amazing. This plant does best in bright to moderate indirect light. Water the plant only when the soil has dried out.

easy to care for houseplantsMONSTERA DELICIOSA

This plant doesn’t like direct sun. Water thoroughly when the soil feels dry to the touch. This plant is a fast grower. If it gets out of hand, trim off a few of the leaves and place them in a vase with water to freshen up another room.

easy to care for houseplants


This charming houseplant is also called ‘The string of Hearts” and originated from South Africa! This plant requires indirect light and lightly moist soil.

easy to care for houseplants


The snake plant, also known as mother-in-laws tongue, is a very popular plant for those who have the tendency to unwillingly neglect their indoor plants. These plants are extremely tolerant and forgiving. Snake plants do best in the sun, but they can also survive quite well in the shade. They need to be watered every two weeks and prefer under-watering to over-watering.

easy to care for houseplantsFIDDLE LEAF FIG

It is no secret that I am obsessed with the fiddle leaf fig. I believe that the fiddle leaf fig is the house plant of the moment / “it” plant. Loved for their large glossy, leathery leaves, they make great house plants.

When I decided two years ago to get one (a few) of them it was very difficult to find in South Africa. I got mine from an interior store. They were in a terrible condition. I recently saw 25-30cm fiddle leaf ficus trees at several nurseries around Pretoria.

The fiddle leaf fig requires indirect sun light and very little water. Water your plant only once a week.

I use coconut oil and a rag to clean the leaves once a month. This is important because it removes the dust from the leaves. Dust can block the sunlight, preventing your plant from soaking up the right amount of light.

Tips on buying and caring for houseplants:

  1. Buy plants that don’t require much care. Keep it as low-maintenance as possible.
  2. Buy healthy plants unless you really have green fingers. For some people, it might be a challenge by itself to keep your healthy plant in a good condition and alive.
  3. Make sure that you don’t over or under water your houseplant. Read plant care tags to know how often and how much to water.
  4. Fertilize your potted plant frequently.
  5. Keep plants clean. Plants get dusty and dirt can block sunlight.
  6. Make sure they get the right amount of light.

Hope you enjoyed the post! Thanks for reading xoxo