Does your outfit seem boring at times?

Sometimes I feel that my outfit is a little bit too simple. By adding one standout piece to my basic outfit, I’m making it a bit more interesting and I’m good to go.

Most days, my outfit consists out of a t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers. Being a stay at home mom results in very relaxed and easy-going style. It doesn’t have to look that way. I’ve come to rely on the +1 rule, which has managed to make simple dressing seem anything but.

The premise is simple. Choose your standard ensemble, and then before you head out the door, add one statement piece. Replace sneakers with mules, or throw on a biker jacket to make an essentially effortless ensemble seem a bit more interesting.

Plus Ones to try


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1. Black leather jacket – get it here

2. Satin baseball cap – get it here

3. Modern coat – get it here

4. Drawstring Bag – get it here

5. Scarf – get it here

6. Open toe shoe – get it here

7. Ray Ban round sunglasses – get it here


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