winter-to-springSHOP FOR ITEMS: Cotton Shirt, Trench Coat, Ankle Boots, Pastel Bomber Jacket, White Linen Blazer, Medium Wash Denim Jacket, Light Weight Cotton Scarf.

As we make the transition from winter to spring, the decision of what to wear only gets more difficult. Temperatures are typically around 20C in Pretoria and can climb to the high 20’s or drop as low as 12C overnight. Breezy morning air, warmer temperatures over lunch and cooler temperatures at night might be a dressing headache this time of year.

Here is some advice on building your transitional wardrobe that will allow you to adjust between cooler and warmer temperatures:

  1. Choose your fabrics wisely – Look for cotton clothing that can breathe, but still has weight. Finer wool blends, silks, cotton fabrics, leather, and suedes are great for spring weather.
  2. Master the art of Layering – Keep it simple. Layer with a denim jacket and accessorize with a lightweight cotton or silk scarf.
  3. Compliment your wardrobe with lighter jeans. Pull out your white blazers and work some brights or pastels into your look.
  4. Invest in a good trench coat for spring showers.
  5. Don’t put away your ankle boots yet. They still work great with jeans and dresses as well as tights.

Hope you enjoyed the post. Thank you for reading!